Industrial Press:Filtering and powder (ceramic) presses

Filter Molding Press

Molding of exterior wall material, calcium silicate board, heat insulation tubes, etc.


This is a manufacturing line that has a filtering and dehydration molding press as its main equipment. The system manufactures exterior wall materials that have a high quality feel and high performance exterior wall materials that do not burn or rot.

  • Highly flexible response to designs
    Various design molds can be used to manufacture a wide variety of molded items with excellent design properties.
  • It is possible to mold thick items
    The products that are pressed are dehydrated and solidified until they can be easily handled, so this equipment is ideal for thick products that are embossed. The filtration performance has been improved to reduce the burden on the dryer and the equipment particularly demonstrates its power on items that are 20 mm or more thick, which cannot be processed in a wet machine.
  • The manufacturing of special board is possible
    By changing the mixture of raw materials, it is possible to manufacture special board such as board that is highly heat insulating, highly air permeable or deodorizing.
  • Support for anti-pollution measures
    This equipment also supports anti-pollution measures by solidifying and forming sludge such as sludge that has accumulated in lakes and marshes and the bentonite that is generated at construction sites. The items can then be used as recycled items.