Industrial Press:Press for Automobile Interiors

Automotive Interior Molding Press

Fiber board molding for dashboards, ceiling boards, felt, door interiors, etc.


This equipment has a robust frame and guide structure and a built-in CPU programmed to support complex operations. It is an automatic press line with molds for heat forming and machinery for the insertion of the materials and the taking out of the products.

  • High speed operation
    The high speed up and down movement makes high cycle operation possible.
  • Highly rigid structure
    The equipment includes a strong frame structure and guides. The use of this highly rigid structure realizes high precision and excellent durability.
  • Simple operation
    Setting and operating the equipment is simple on the touch panel.
  • Easy maintenance
    The highly durable components and maintenance monitor mean that the maintenance work is easy.
  • High safety
    High levels of safety are secured with area sensors, photoelectric tube safety devices, air cylinder type devices to prevent platen falling and protection guards.