Industrial Presses:Presses for wood and housing

Press for Large Sectional Laminated Wood

Narrow and long laminated wood and straight, large sectional structural columns


This is a press that attaches the laminar and then manufacturers anything from laminated wood for columns to very large-scale laminated wood.

  • High quality and high productivity
    For narrow and long laminated wood, the equipment is composed of a spreader, setter, multiple row cold press and machinery for insertion and taking out. It is a fully automatic laminated wood press line that has high quality and high productivity and compresses the long and narrow materials with precise pressure.
  • Automatic operation
    The products are simply placed on the setting table for the insertion conveyor and then all the processes from insertion to take out are processed automatically.
  • Labor saving
    The original hydraulic circuits mean that the system can stably produce large sectional laminated wood with a small about of labor.
  • Support for multiple product production
    The pressure platen has multiple segments and the pressurization force setting can be performed easily with hydraulic lever operation, so in addition to long fixed size products, it is also possible to simultaneously produce other sizes. We also manufacture presses that can process corner parts.