Industrial Presses:Presses for wood and housing

Servo Press

The manufacturing of metal panels, doors and partitions


This is a servo press driven by a servo motor.

  • High precision
    The servo motor control produces highly accurate positioning (with adjustment possible in 0.1 mm units)
  • High quality and high productivity
    It is possible to produce high quality products with no unevenness in thickness. The reduction in the failure rate means that the productivity is high.
  • Support for production of multiple products in small quantities
    It is not necessary to have a mechanism to prevent product collapse, so it is possible to set the thickness of the product freely and the equipment can be used for the production of multiple products in small quantities.
  • Low noise
    Despite the quick movements, the equipment is extremely quiet. Compared with conventional hydraulic type equipment, it has low noise and low vibration.
  • Oil-free
    The maintenance costs are lower than for hydraulic types and the equipment also reduces the energy consumed by a large amount. The working environment is cleaner because no oil is used.