Industrial Presses:Presses for wood and housing

Hot and Cold Press for Panels

Wooden panels


The installation of a conveyor connected before and after the press machine makes it possible to use this press as part of an automatic insertion line.

  • Labor saving
    The reduction of the labor necessary is achieved through the automatic measurement of the thickness of the core material and the linking of this with the spreader.
  • Support for production of multiple products in small quantities
    This is a press line on which the core material for the panel is heated in a hot press and then the product passes through a spreader before the surface material is set on it and pressure adhesion is performed in a cold press. This makes it possible to reduce the press cycle, so the equipment is suitable for the production of multiple different products in small quantities.
  • Also supports metal
    We can also manufacture hot and cold press lines for metals and it is possible to select various different belts to suit the application, including steel belts, Teflon sheets and polyester sheets.