Industrial Presses:Presses for wood and housing

Hot Press with Conveyor

Various lamination processing (decorative plywood with secondary treatment, flush panels, metal panels, housing materials, etc.)

This is a press with a conveyor for putting products in and taking them out. It is possible for the products that are lined up on the conveyor in front of the press to be automatically inserted into the equipment and pressed. It is possible to select various different belts to suit the application, including steel belts, Teflon sheets and polyester sheets.

  • High efficiency
    This conveyor press makes it easy to connect to an adhesion or pressure process. This makes it possible to improve the efficiency of the work and reduce the labor.
  • Support for production of multiple products in small quantities
    The products are inserted on the insertion conveyor, so the production is easy regardless of the product size or quantity.
  • Automatic operation
    The automatic insertion machine (insertion conveyor) means that the products placed on the insertion conveyor are inserted and stopped automatically.
  • Reduction of trouble
    The introduction of original hydraulic and electronic circuits developed by Yamamoto Eng. Works has resulted in a large reduction in the occurrence of trouble. The cylinders and pistons are made using a special steel, so the occurrence of oil leaks is greatly reduced.
  • Support for various heat sources
    Various heat sources can be used, such as the oil heat type, warm water circulation type and steam type.