Industrial Presses:Presses for wood and housing

Press Line for Flooring

For flooring plywood

This is a press system that was developed for the efficient lamination of composite flooring, which is produced by laminating base board and surfacing material that has been cut into a fixed length and narrow size such as 1 × 6 inch.

  • A new system developed to maximize speed
    A ground-breaking loader/unloader system has been used in order to guarantee that the movement is precise even if operation is at high speed. The loader uses a newly developed shelf loader system instead of the conventional belt and tray type. Also, the unloader does not take out one product at a time as on the conventional products. Instead, three products are stacked on the unloader shelf and then the three are taken out together. This high speed press system is made possible due to the high speed of the machinery and the minimization of the lost time.
  • High productivity
    This is a line where multiple pieces of narrow plywood with veneer temporarily attached on the base board are inserted into one level. These are then pressed automatically in a multistage press and then the products are taken out automatically. (Operation is possible up to a high speed cycle of 85 seconds per cycle.) The equipment supports a wide range of products from narrow widths of 1 shaku and below up to 4 shaku widths.
  • Easy maintenance
    The loader part uses a shelf system instead of a belt and tray system. This means that the materials and parts are compact and also there are few driving components, so maintenance is easy.
  • APT press control system
    If the press conditions need to be changed due to a change of factors such as the thickness of the veneer or the type of adhesive, then the operator only needs to press the prescribed buttons on the operation panel and the press conditions are all changed automatically. Furthermore, the results of the pressing are printed out for each press cycle, so this can be used in production management.