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Press Line for Phenol Impregnated Paper Lamination
Press Line for Phenol Impregnated Paper Lamination

Phenol film lamination


This line is a high productivity press line that has an insertion conveyor → dust collector → automatic winding device → loader → press → unloader → take out conveyor.

  • High productivity
    The film is automatically set up on the front and rear surfaces of the base plate and then the press is performed with a multistage automatic press, so it is a press line with high productivity.
  • Can be operated by one person
    Normally there are two workers placed in front of the take out conveyor to perform the trimming work whilst also inspecting the products, but operation by just one worker is possible.
  • Support for multiple product production
    If a spreader is incorporated, then this line can also be used as a press line for paper lamination, such as for printing paper.