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Hot Press for LVL
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LVL plywood, extremely thick plywood


This is a fully automatic hot press developed for LVL and extremely thick plywood.

  • High productivity
    The use of a double chucking system and special rubber pads makes it possible to grasp the product precisely and without damaging it.
  • Easy operation
    Our original APT production management system is used so that the pressure, temperature and compacting time are set automatically when the product size and thickness are specified.
  • Support for multiple model production
    This press can be used for thicknesses from 12 to 60 mm and sizes from 3 × 6 inch to 4 × 8 inch. (Standard type) There are two types of press line: a multistage type and a continuous type. The type is selected to suit the size of the product to be manufactured. The multistage type is suitable for producing large quantities of standard length products. The continuous type is a multi-purpose type press that can be used for various product lengths.
  • Unattended operation is possible
    Unmanned operation is possible as the products for which the cold press processing has been completed are supplied automatically to the loader one at a time.