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APT Hot Press for Plywood
APT Hot Press for Plywood



This is a hot press that was developed by bringing together new technologies with the aim of achieving "higher productivity," "easy operation," "cheaper running costs" and "the provision of production management data."

  • Easy operation
    The pressure, temperature and compacting time are set automatically when the product size and thickness are specified.
  • High productivity
    The straight advance type rotating pusher and double chucking mean that the volume of production per machine exceeds that of presses from other companies by 15 to 20% or more.
  • Easy production management
    The press conditions, actual press time, cycle time and production quantity can be printed out for each cycle for easy production management.
  • Yield improvements
    Our original technologies eliminate the risk of the plywood flying out and the product being damaged when the press is released and also the risk of damage to the product when removing it from the unloader.