Environmental Recycling and Waste Processing

Two-Axes Rotary Shear Shredder (Hydraulic Type/Electric Type)
Two-Axes Rotary Shear Shredder (Hydraulic Type/Electric Type)1Two-Axes Rotary Shear Shredder (Hydraulic Type/Electric Type)2



This equipment shreds items such as construction waste, tires, tatami mats, waste plastic, cans, waste household electrical products, metal products, bicycles and pruned wood by rotating special blades that are installed on two axes.

  • Low noise
  • Low vibration
  • Low dust generation

These shredders have high torque and excellent shearing performance and the shredding is performed at low rotation speeds, so when compared with shredders with high speed rotation, they are quieter and generate less vibration and less dust.

  • High processing capacity and reduced energy consumption

    The shredding force changes to suit the items being processed, so the shredder can perform efficient and stable shredding with reduced energy consumption.

  • Superior resistance to wear and shocks.

    The resistance of the cutting blades to wear and shocks has been enhanced by the use of a special steel material and a special finishing.

  • Prevention of overloading

    An automated program prevents overloaded operation. When overloading occurs in the operation, the equipment automatically switches between forward and reverse operations repeatedly and then stops automatically.

  • Selection of hydraulic or electrical type

    It is possible to select either a hydraulic motor drive or an electric motor drive to fit the installation conditions.