Environmental Recycling and Waste Processing

Recycling Plant
Recycling Plant2 Recycling Plant1

Shredding, sorting, compression molding, compression packing


We offer waste processing systems for resource recovery that sort general waste and industrial waste into waste that is recyclable and waste for final disposal. We also have systems to recycle the recyclable waste into new raw materials or products.


The equipment has been highly evaluated as economical environmental machinery that processes without wastefulness in a way that is suitable for the materials. We have plant that separates the processing of materials that are resources and materials to be disposed of by sorting the bulky refuse and incombustible items in the urban refuse and performing shredding and volume reduction (with compression molding and compression packing). We offer total support for all the stages from the design to the construction. Furthermore, almost all the core machinery of the facilities is manufactured in-house, so it is highly economical and there are no concerns about maintenance.