About Us:History
The history of our company spans nearly 100 years. It is a history of our repeated introduction of the latest technology of each era and our use of our own original ideas for further technological innovation. We are at the top level globally with advanced machining techniques and hydraulic control technology that are unequaled and we have firmly established our position as a manufacturer of hydraulic presses.

Founded as a private company in Tokushima City.
Started the manufacturing of hot-bulb engines for marine use.

1937 The previous president, Takayoshi Yamamoto takes over.
1943 Factory destroyed by war damage

Reconstructed in 1-5-1 Shinminami Fukushima, Tokushima City

1953 Manufactured first hydraulic press

Manufactured first hot press


Reorganized into Yamamoto Iron Works Corporation

1962 Reorganized into Yamamoto Eng. Works Co., Ltd. with capital of 4.5 million yen

Manufactured 4 × 8 inch thrust 2,400-ton hot press
Also achieved total production output of 100 units.


Completed and shipped first dehydration molding press


First exporting of products overseas. Have continued exporting to various countries ever since.


Relocated headquarters and factory to current location (Komatsushima City, Tokushima Prefecture)

1967 Manufactured fully automated 30-opening hot press for plywood
1969 Manufactured 4 × 8 inch 300-ton molding press

Received an award from the Minister of International Trade and Industry as a company contributing to exports

1970 Delivered first particle board manufacturing plant
1971 Manufactured scrap press

Awarded "Invention Encouragement Prize" by Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation


Manufactured Hydroshear and began mass production of scrap related machinery


Started business tie-up with Tohoku Homo Board Kogyo KK for manufacturing and sales of particle board production plant

1983 Completed and shipped first APT hot press for plywood

Exported one of the largest particle board hot presses in Japan to former Soviet Union

1986 Introduced a CAD system
1987 Marked the company’s 70th anniversary
1989 Received first order for recycling plant
1989 Completed additional facilities at Eastern Factory
1992 Reached 500 units exported overseas

Completed new factory (in total site area of 46,757 m2) at Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture

1996 Established department for development and design of industrial waste plant
1996 Obtained a U.S.A. patent for the "Step Dryer" drying press

Obtained permission for construction business (specified) as a general plant business company

1997 Marked the company’s 80th anniversary

The "Step Dryer" drying press was awarded a materials processing technology award and the Ichikawa Memorial Award


First selection for NEDO regional regeneration consortium. 4 items then selected in following three years.

2000 Received order for first two-axis shredder
2001 Manufactured waste plastic compression packing machine

Developed direct molding system for waste plastic as a new method for waste plastic recycling


Received award from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Shikoku Center in recognition of new technology development in recent years

2003 Received first order for large-scale steam injection press

Awarded "Invention Encouragement Prize" by Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation


Selected as one of "300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs" by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

2007 Marked the company’s 90th anniversary
2008 Delivered first servo press machine

Completed construction of large-scale recycling plant for processing 127 tons/day